More for Our Customers

NWC is committed to being a better retailer everyday by finding improvement opportunities and then getting the results that matter to our customers, associates and investors. These are the key More for Our Customers achievements in 2013:
  • Store Capabilities: We identify our “Everyday Retail Presence” as a core strategic competency
  • Superior Connections: In-transit losses are minimized through
    real-time tracking of shipping times and loads
  • Product Services: In 2013, the We Financial brand was created to
    meet our customers' everyday financial needs
  • Community Relations: Working with local leadership, we sustain trusted
    and transparent relationships in each community

More for Our Customers represents the momentum and the possibilities we’ve created by digging deeper into how we work and how we can be an even more relevant and trusted provider of food and everyday products and services for our customers.

- Edward Kennedy, President & CEO