A Time to Invest

A Time to Invest represents the momentum and the possibilities we’ve created by digging deeper into how we work and how we can be an even more relevant and trusted provider of food and everyday products and services.

A rigorous review of our business in 2014 reinforced the importance of our physical store network, our local selling capability and community relations. We also identified our logistics, information pipeline and further gains in operating standards as secondary but still important competencies to be leveraged...

In total, these findings supported a continued focus on "More Growth in Store" as the best path to optimizing our business potential.

Our strategic priorities are on achievable, higher performance levels within our existing store base. This includes the following areas:
  • Investing in our “Top 40” markets tot drive sales and profit growth through expanded facilities, highly capable store teams and strong community relations.
  • Taking a similar approach to our highest- potential merchandise categories and services to maximize returns from inventory and selling space investment.
  • Completing our investment in Transportation Management Systems (“TMS”) that will deliver a competitive advantage on the cost, quality and reliability of moving products to theour markets.
  • Renewing our Giant Tiger store base through a stronger partnership with our Master Franchisor, Giant Tiger Stores Limited (“GTSL”), so store growth accelerates in western Canada and both companies achieve more cost and scale synergies.
  • Ensuring that how we work at North West is store and customer centered.
I look forward to reporting on our results over the next year on each of these initiatives and on our overall efforts to be A Time to Invest in ways that matter most to them.

- Edward Kennedy, President & CEO