Peawanuck community members embrace Health Happy Products

(Photo: Patrick Dean, Office Supervisor of the Peawanuck Northern Store)

Health Happy items are proving to be a preferred choice in Peawanuck, ON, according to a recent taste test.

The Peawanuck Northern Store conducted a blind taste test to find out whether community members preferred Health Happy products versus regular products. One of the products sampled was the Best Value Reduced Sugar Iced Tea Juice Crystals. When asked to compare the taste with the regular Best Value Iced Tea Juice Crystals, 70% preferred the reduced sugar option!

The Office Supervisor of Peawanuck Northern Store, Patrick Dean, conducted the taste test. He said he had a lot of fun doing the test with the customers and would love to do it again.

Providing accessibility to reduced-sugar products is one of the aims of the Health Happy Program, which was launched in September 2017. The program has also increased the selection of healthy food options in stores that contain reduced salt, fat or caffeine content.