Fort Smith Northern store conducts Taste Test

(Photo: employees of the Fort Smith Northern store preparing for a health happy taste test)

Did you know three out of five people in Fort Smith prefer Health Happy products over regular products? 

That’s what a recent taste test conducted in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories showed. Featuring six different Health Happy items, the test revealed that more than 60 percent of participants preferred Health Happy products. Some participants were even amazed that the Oasis (Reduced Sugar) juice product tasted better than the regular brand, and were happy to know they now have the option to go sugar-free.

The Health Happy program was introduced within Northern and NorthMart stores in January 2018. The program aims to increase the accessibility of products that contain reduced sugar, salt, fat, or caffeine content. The Best Value Reduced Sugar Juice Crystals will remove an estimated 200,000 lbs of sugar from children’s diets in the North this year.