Stronger Communities

Pillar 3:


Retail is a primary entry point into the workforce for many people. At North West, we aim to create value by providing meaningful employment and helping develop new workforce with opportunities, through quality jobs, training, education and career paths. Experienced workers who join us later in their careers are able to enhance their leadership skills and expand their impact through meaningful work.

Commitments, Goals, and Actions

Commitment: Cultivate a diverse, inclusive and culturally safe workforce.

Goals Action Taken In 2022
3.1 Raise company-wide awareness of and sensitivity to the unique history, culture and relations of Indigenous Peoples in locations where we operate
  • Reinforced corporate values with an Indigenous Cultural Awareness program delivered to new and existing associates and managers at all levels of the organization, including Board members.
  • Delivered Cultural Awareness program training sessions to employees from our Canada and Alaska operations, including Gibraltar House, our head office in Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Board members achieved 100% completion of the Cultural Awareness Training.
3.2 Recruit, engage, retain and improve advancement opportunities for Indigenous workers
  • As one of the largest private employer of Indigenous Peoples in Canada (with almost 2,000 self-reported Indigenous employees), we are deeply committed to training, employing and retaining Indigenous staff, to hiring and training locally in northern and remote communities, and to filling senior positions with local Indigenous employees.
  • North Star Air (NSA) supported 11 First Nation communities through the “Take Flight Aviation Program Grants” to develop skills and study the Aviation Program anywhere in Canada.
  • An Indigenous Advisory Committee comprised of Indigenous employees representing different segments of the company are focused on our Truth and Reconciliation efforts.

Commitments, Goals, and Actions

Commitment: Enhance employee effectiveness, welfare, and satisfaction by imparting our company values of customer service, trust, enterprising ideas, passion for what we do, accountability and personal balance.

Goals Action Taken In 2022
3.3 Reinforce workplace health, safety and ethical practices through policies and practices
  • Developed programs designed to eliminate or reduce hazards at all our locations in accordance with provincial regulations, including a comprehensive occupational injury and illness prevention program for all team members.
  • Sponsor training in First Aid, Fire Prevention, Emergency Planning, Violence Prevention, Safe Work Procedures and other key Health & Safety (H&S) areas for North West management trainees. All our store managers are trained and certified in H&S procedures.
3.4 Offer programs to accommodate the needs of employees with diverse cultural
backgrounds and lifestyles
  • Offered flexible work hours to accommodate cultural and lifestyle practices for employees.
  • Provided a work-from-home option for office associates.
3.5 Support associates with access to professional, confidential support services and programs
  • Promoted our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that includes counseling and mental health services for employees and immediate family members.
3.6 Provide training programs to equip associates with the skills they need to improve career prospects and move to jobs with greater responsibility and higher pay
  • Supported a central Store Management training program in Winnipeg, achieving a 100% participation rate among new hires.
  • Developed a capacity building platform called “Smarter U” to support employees with courses that will help them advancing their careers.
3.7 Adopt policies to support a diverse, inclusive and culturally safe workforce
  • Adopted a Human Rights Policy Statement that identifies salient human rights issues in our operations and business relationships and guides our priorities.
  • Adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct Policy to safeguard that products we sell are made with respect to human rights.