Stronger Communities

Pillar 2:
Quality of
Life for Our Customers


Serving communities lies at the heart of North West’s purpose, with the goal of making a positive, progressive difference in each community. We aim to create value for our customers in many ways, including:

  • Providing convenient access to healthy food products through our vast distribution network
  • Contributing to local economic development in markets where we operate to meet customer needs while supporting suppliers, jobs and inclusive economic growth
  • Contributing to community resilience by enhancing food security
  • Supporting local organizations and causes that matter to customers, associates and neighbours in our communities

Commitments, Goals, and Actions

Commitment: Provide reliable access to everyday products and services that are as affordable as possible and that meet the lifestyle needs of our customers.

Goals Actions Taken In 2022
2.1 Promote and invest in affordable and accessible healthy food options for customers in our stores
  • Advocated for the expansion of the Nutrition North program, which saw expanded assortment and accessible prices for our customers.
  • Continued supporting Ontario’s Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program (NFVP), which educates students on healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. North West has invested and provided healthy food products such as fruits and vegetables, benefiting 30 schools across 19 communities and supporting over 6,000 students in 2022.
2.2 Provided inclusive services to our customers
  • Used e-commerce and curbside pickup at store locations to promote community safety and enhance the customer shopping experience.
  • Based on community and customer requests, key items were rationed in selected locations to ensure availability of staple goods for all customers.

Commitments, Goals, and Actions

Commitment: To advocate for policies and programs that enhance the quality of life for our customers.

Goals Actions Taken In 2022
2.3 Advocate for improvements to the Nutrition North program and other social programs that impact our operating communities
  • Supported to provide access to quality health care in northern remote communities by offering telehealth services in 37 communities.
  • Operating the first optical centre in Nunavut. The centre offers full eye exams, prescription glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses and eyeglass repair, as well as dry eye education and other eye health advice.
  • With northern Indigenous community support and guidance, we advocated for higher Nutrition North Canada and seasonal transportation subsidies for a range of food items. This resulted in continued accessible and affordable healthy food for our customers in the North.