Reach and Scope

North West Company serves some of the most geographically diverse markets in the world. Our retail banners span the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alaska, and across Canada's western and central provinces, down to Hawai'i, Fiji, Guam, American Samoa, and 8,500 miles east into the Caribbean Islands.

Canadian Retail Banners & Services

Canadian Retail Banners

Northern Stores

logo - Northern StoresNorthern is the original core store banner of The North West Company and today consists of 118 food and general merchandise stores serving remote, Northern Canadian communities. Northern is the first shopping choice in its markets thanks to superior local selection, helpful, friendly service and unwavering community support. 


logo - NorthMartNorthMart is a group of five larger-size combination food and general merchandise stores especially created to serve regional centres in Canada's North, featuring an expanded range of fashion merchandise and fresh food.

Giant Tiger

logo - Giant TigerGiant Tiger is the leading Canadian-owned family discount store, committed to providing on-trend family fashions, groceries and everyday household needs. The North West Company owns and operates five (5) Giant Tiger stores in Western Canada.


logo - QuickstopQuickstop convenience stores, located in northern Canada and Alaska, offer ready to eat foods, petroleum products, and related services.

Inuulisautinut Niuvirvik

InuulisautinutNiuvirvik-Logo.png (60 KB)Inuulisautinut Niuvirvik means "a place to get things for healthy body and mind". Located in Iqaluit, Nunavut, it is a health and wellness store with a strong community focus, featuring a healthy grocery assortment, fresh produce, a gift shop selling local artwork, cosmetics, a Booster Juice location and a full Pharmacy and Optical team.

Valu Lots

logo - Valu LotsValu Lots stores, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, offer incredible savings on food, fashion and household goods as well as a full-service Pharmacy.

Solo Market

logo - Solo MarketSolo Market is located in Pinawa, Manitoba and offers this rural market a wide selection of groceries and general merchandise.

Canadian Wholesale & Services

We Financial

logo - We FinancialWe’re here for you, your financial needs, your community. We Financial offers a wide range of financial services that are easy and convenient for you, such as Visa Prepaid card, Consumer Credit, Cheque Cashing, Tax Services, Money Transfer Services, conveniently located ATMs, and Gift Cards.

Crescent Multi Foods (CMF)

logo - Crescent Multi FoodsCrescent Multi Foods is a distributor of produce and fresh meats to independent grocery stores in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwestern Ontario.


logo - AMDOCSAmdocs provides community-based physician services to remote, underserved communities in northern Manitoba and Ontario. Amdocs physicians live and work in First Nations communities. As such, they take on leadership roles in these communities’ health systems, training other providers and counseling patients and their families regarding healthier living. 

Our physicians and their teams comprise the foundation for improved local health, health services and localized infrastructure development. A shared vision for improved wellbeing in First Nations communities guides our progress.

We save money by building the appropriate level of health infrastructure in the communities, reducing medical transportation and hospitalization costs. Care is local. Care is integrated.

Sealift Express

logo - Sealift ExpressSealift Express is a seasonal web based ordering program, offering non-perishable and general merchandise items to customers throughout 30 participating Nunavut and Northern Quebec sealift locations. www.sealiftexpress.com 

Commercial Sales & Special Order Desk

CommercialSalesLogo-908x238.png (81 KB)Commercial Sales is the wholesale business to business division of The North West Company. We provide competitive pricing on commercial needs and offer a wide variety of products through our extensive vendor database. Our team specializes in large volume product sourcing, procurement and shipping of general merchandise, groceries and special order requirements to local businesses & Institutional programs across Northern Canada.

North West Telepharmacy Solutions

logo - North West TelepharmacyNorth West Telepharmacy provides remote pharmacy services to over 45 facilities, ranging in size from outpatient family health teams to hospitals exceeding 400 beds and employs over 100 hospital trained pharmacists. 

Our remote services relieve the need for healthcare facilities to attract new pharmacists to communities for vacancies that may only need to be filled on a temporary basis. We provide services to primary care, long term care, and hospitals. Our services include providing pharmacist services for order review, Pharmacy & Therapeutics participation and initiatives, promotion of medication safety across an organization, and 24/7 on-call services.

Services provided to patients include comprehensive medication reviews, pharmaceutical care plans for management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and support and counselling for smoking cessation.

NTS also provides technology solutions at affordable cost points to facilitate efficient and safe pharmacy practice. Our offerings include a paperless medication order management (MOM) solution, DocuScripts, as well as an IV workflow solution, PharmacyKeeper.

Northern / NorthMart Pharmacy

logo - Northern / NorthMart PharmacyOur pharmacies are the provider of choice for accessible, local healthcare solutions to rural, remote, Indigenous, or otherwise underserviced communities in Canada.

Our team of highly trained pharmacy professionals, in collaboration with our patients and local health team, help northern communities live better. More than just friendly provision of medications, supplies and over-the-counter treatments – our pharmacists give timely advice on everything from pharmaceuticals to healthy living. 

Our pharmacists directly impact and improve the health and lives of the people in the communities we provide service to.


International Retail Banners & Services

International Retail Banners

Alaska Commercial Company

logo - Alaska Commercial CompanyAlaska Commercial Company is the largest retailer in rural Alaska, with more than 32 combination food, general merchandise and convenience stores. Our history is interwoven with the history of Alaska. For over 150 years Alaska Commercial Company has earned a special reputation as the  trusted community store of choice, and the largest retail employer in rural Alaska.


CUL-logo-Red-01.png (9 KB)Cost-U-Less consists of 12 mid-sized warehouse club-style stores in St. Maarten, the United States Territories, Hawaiian Islands, South Pacific, and Caribbean.



logo - QuickstopQuickstop convenience stores, located in northern Canada and Alaska, offer ready to eat foods, petroleum products, and related services.

RiteWay Food Markets

Rite-Way_logo-200x70-min.png (4 KB)RiteWay Food Markets is a subsidiary of Roadtown Wholesale Trading Ltd. RTW. RTW is the British Virgin Islands' largest and most successful Wholesaler and Retailer of food, beverages and related goods, operating primarily as RiteWay Food Markets, with nine retail outlets and one Cash & Carry.

International Wholesale & Services

AC Financial

We’re a one stop shop for you, your financial needs, your community.

AC Financial offers a wide range of financial services that are easy and convenient for you, such as Consumer Credit, Check Cashing, Gift Cards, conveniently located ATMs, Money Transfer Services and more! We are located at every Alaska Commercial Company store location.

Pacific Alaska Wholesale

logo - Pacific Alaska WholesalePacific Alaska Wholesale is the wholesale arm of NWC International. We specialize in shipping groceries and general merchandise throughout rural Alaska, utilizing the most economical methods of shipping to each location we serve (Bypass, US Mail, Air Freight and Barge). We stock popular grocery, general merchandise and seasonal items in our Anchorage Distribution Center for a faster response to our customers’ needs. We also source products from multiple vendors in the Lower 48 states to offer competitive pricing and a more extensive customer offering. Pacific Alaska Wholesale currently has three different banners operating under it.

  1. PAW: leading distributor to independent grocery stores throughout rural Alaska suppling all their needed grocery and general merchandise products
  2. Span Alaska Sales: Supplier to individual households, Commercial accounts and Institutional programs
  3. Span Elite: Web based supplier direct to individual households

Roadtown Wholesale Trading Ltd.

logo - Roadtown Wholesale Trading Ltd.Roadtown Wholesale Trading Ltd. has eight retail outlets, one Cash and Carry, and one wholesale operation serving the British Virgin Islands.