Our work contributes to the following SDGs:

Zero HungerGood Health and Well BeingGender EqualityDecent Work and Economic GrowthReduced InequalitiesPartnerships for the Goals

RiteWay, Road Town, British Virgin Islands

North West’s ambition is to help employees and community members advance towards a healthier, inclusive and equitable future, creating meaningful relationships and positive impacts in the communities we serve. We seek to promote food security, contribute to health and nutrition and accelerate diversity, equality and inclusion.

  • We had $54 million spent to support Indigenous partners, suppliers, vendors and service providers in Canadian operations.
  • We supported community events and causes ranging from traditional and cultural celebrations to sports teams with over $2.9 million in monetary donations and employee volunteer time.
  • Through the Healthy Horizons Foundation (HHF), the charitable arm of North West, we provided $274 thousand in funding to support community based programs for youth in northern Canadian communities.
  • North Star Air (NSA) supported 12 First Nation communities through the "Take Flight Aviation" program grants to develop skills and study the Aviation Program anywhere in Canada. Since inception in 2014, the communities have earned over $9 million.
  • We continued supporting Ontario’s Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program (NFVP), investing and providing healthy food products such as fruits and vegetables, benefiting 28 schools across 18 communities and supporting over 6,000 students for the 2023/2024 school year.
  • We advocated for the continued expansion of the Nutrition North Canada (NNC) program, which reduces the prices of healthy and staple foods through subsidies that are fully passed on to the consumer.
  • We launched an online grocery ordering and delivery service for rural communities in Alaska to support the SNAP program and help communities to access to nutritious food.
  • In 2023, 159 Canadian retail store managers, department managers and office employees completed a two-day Indigenous Cultural Safety workshop.