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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Healthy Horizons Foundation?

The Healthy Horizons Foundation was founded in July 2015 by The North West Company. Our mission is to provide youth within the communities we serve with the knowledge and tools to foster a lifelong connection to physical activity and healthy living.

What does the Healthy Horizons Foundation Support?

Healthy Horizons is dedicated to the health and well-being of youth. Through financial support of youth programs we aim to achieve a future where activity, nutrition, learning and overall well-being are the key pillars in the lives of youth.

A few examples of the types of programs we support are:

  • community centres
  • exercise facilities and programs
  • sports activities
  • disease prevention education

Why is the Healthy Horizons Foundation focused on youth?

It is our belief that though an active lifestyle and participation in organized sport, children will develop healthy lifestyle habits and self-confidence. By providing the resources to improve fitness levels, nutrition, and enhance education, the incidence of lifestyle related diseases will be reduced in our communities and the effects of disease prevention will have a positive, long-term impact. 

Where does the money for the Foundation come from?

Healthy Horizons relies on funds donated by generous individuals, employee and community fundraising events, as well as corporate driven initiatives such as Gift of Hope and Healthy Horizon Foundation store coin boxes.

Who is eligible for funding?

If you have a registered charity program that focuses on making a positive and healthy impact in your community, apply to Healthy Horizons for funding.

To be eligible for Healthy Horizons Foundation funding, you must be:

  • A registered charity within Canada
  • Aligned to the mission and vision of the Foundation
  • A charity with a focus on youth

We are a non-profit organization – can we receive funding?

As a community foundation, we can only provide financial support to organizations that are registered charities. The North West Company and Healthy Horizons are developing a step-by-step toolkit to assist community programs and non-profit organizations in becoming a registered charity. For more information email us at:

Can I request funding from the Healthy Horizons Foundation for individual support?

The Foundation does not provide financial support for individual requests. As a community foundation, we can only provide financial support to organizations that are registered charities.  Please visit The North West Company website for all other requests, including individual and community sponsorships not within the mandate of Healthy Horizons. 

How Can I Apply For Funding?

To apply for funding, visit our website

How Can I Donate to the Healthy Horizons Foundation?

Your generosity will play an important role in our efforts to give youth in our communities a brighter and healthier future! There are many ways that you can donate:


C/O Healthy Horizons Foundation
77 Main Street Winnipeg, MB 
R3C 2R1

In store: Purchase Gift of Hope Stars, Healthy Horizons Coin Boxes

How Will My Donation Be Used?

Healthy Horizons was founded by The North West Company, who has committed to covering all overhead and administrative fees – this means 100% of the funds you donate will go directly to programs and initiatives supporting the health and well-being of economically disadvantaged youth.

Are Donations to the Healthy Horizons Foundation Tax Deductible?

Donations $20 and over are tax deductible. When you donate online at, an automatic e-receipt will be emailed. If you donate via mail, an e-receipt can be emailed to you once your donation is received or if preferred, mailed back to your home address.