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Sponsorship & Donations

The North West Company is proud of the active role we play within the communities. We strive to help make a positive progressive difference within each community we serve. One of the fundamental operating principles of The North West Company is our commitment to local organizations and programs.

To apply for sponsorship from The North West Company please follow two simple steps:

  • Review Sponsorship Guidelines
  • Complete Sponsorship Request Form

Sponsorship Guidelines

Funding Categories

The priorities of The North West Company are to focus on youth and elders in all communities, in the following funding categories:

  • Sports & Recreation
  • Culture & Arts
  • Healthy Living
  • Environment
  • Youth & Education

Except in special circumstances, The North West Company does not provide funding or in-kind donation to the following:

  • Individual requests for personal donations / financial aid including elite sport or cultural competition
  • Travel, accommodations, meal expense, field trips
  • Groups, events and activities outside of Canada
  • Cash donations


In order to provide enough time to review and process your request, your sponsorship request form must be submitted six months prior to the start date of your event. Due to the high volume of requests, last minute requests will not be approved.

Review Process

All requests will be reviewed by the local store manager, as well as The North West Company Winnipeg Support Office. Requests should promote one or more of the five elements for a healthy community:

  1. Sports & Recreation;
  2. Culture & Arts;
  3. Healthy Living;
  4. Environment;
  5. Youth & Education

Due to the high volume of requests please allow four weeks for review and assessment. You will be contacted via phone or email once your request has been reviewed.

Sponsorship Application

Section A: Contact Info

Section B: Event Details

Audience Details:

Section C: Sponsorship Benefits & Requests

Request Example:

  • If you require food donation; what and how much do you require of each item?
  • If you requre volunteers for the event; how many volunteers and for how long?