Our work contributes to the following SDGs:

Responsible Consumption and ProductionClimate Action

Corianne Bradburn, Oxford House, Manitoba

North West’s ambition is to protect the environment and address climate change by striving to reduce Green House Gas (“GHG”) emissions and waste across our business operations.

  • We eliminated the sale of Single Use Plastics (SUP) to comply with Canada’s SUP regulation, including replacing plastic shopping bags in our stores with reusable shopping bags.
  • We standardized the processes for data collection and measurement of our direct GHG emissions (scope 1) and our indirect GHG emissions from purchased energy (scope 2).
  • We updated refrigeration systems in 11 stores, improving refrigeration efficiency and optimizing food storage, all resulting in reduced food spoilage.
  • Through North Star Air’s (NSA) "Recycle in the North" program, we support recycling activities in northern Canadian communities. The program uses the free space on the return aircraft that delivers retail and grocery items to communities to transport plastics back to a larger community for recycling.