Greener Tomorrow helps bring a new Community Park to Moosonee

(Photo: From left: Norman Huffman, Store Manager of the Moosonee Northern Store; Wayne Taipale, Mayor of Moosonee; and Donna Huffman, Produce Manager.)

A brand new community park will be introduced to the town of Moosonee, ON, with the help of the Greener Tomorrow program.

The $8,982 Greener Tomorrow grant will be used to transform a vacant plot of land into a breathtaking new community park. The park will be feature picnic tables, horseshoe pits, a community barbeque and public washrooms.

“This will have quite a significant impact on the community as it will be a place where families can enjoy themselves and interact with each other,” says Norman Huffman, the Store Manager of Moosonee Northern Store.

The Greener Tomorrow program has been able to improve the environment and fund important programs in the town of Moosonee. The way the program works is very simple. To reduce the use of plastic grocery bags and encourage the use of reusable bags, customers are charged a small fee for each plastic bag. Funds accumulate over the course of the year are reinvested back into the community.

Huffman is proud of what the program has accomplished in Moosonee. “It’s something that is needed in our town, and we will continue to support this cause.”