Supporting the Bannock Festival in St. Theresa Point

(Photo: Left to right, Maryka Mason, Evelyn Flett, and Elder Anne Marie Flett prepare a cooking surface for a giant bannock.)

Who can resist a giant bannock?

Northern was pleased to support the annual Bannock Festival in St. Theresa Point, MB this year. The five- day event is a cultural celebration that brings together the entire community of St. Theresa Point and surrounding communities with activities for the whole family.

The fun included parades, archery, canoeing, air bands and fireworks, and concluded with feasting on a 4-foot diameter giant bannock.  

The Northern store was pleased to support the activities by donating a boat motor and a trailer for the event.  

(The giant bannock made over open fire at St. Theresa Point’s Annual Bannock Festival was over 4 feet in diameter.)

“We would like to thank our Northern store manager, Murray Thomas, for participating,” said Elder Peter Wood, one of the founding members of the Bannock Festival.