Greener Tomorrow provides upgrades to Cartwright's Community Gym

(Photo: Left to right: Jennifer McCrone, Cartwright Northern Store Manager; Patricia Williams Learning, Northern Store Admin Supervisor; Mel Pardy, Cartwright Recreation Committee Treasurer; and Preston Morris, President of the Cartwright Recreation Committee.)

Greener Tomorrow is improving the environment and supporting active living in Cartwright, NL.

This year’s Greener Tomorrow Fund distribution in Cartwright amounted to $2,500. The community chose to use the funds for the Cartwright Recreation committee to upgrade equipment for the Community Gym. 

“The response to being one of this year’s selected organizations has been great,” said Preston Morris, President of the Cartwright Recreation Committee. “The funds have allowed us to purchase and upgrade outdated equipment that would not have been otherwise possible.”

The goal of the Greener Tomorrow program is to reduce the use of plastic bags. Participating communities agree to have their store charge a $0.25 fee for every plastic bag used. The funds that accumulate through the year are reinvested right back into the community for social and environmental programs.

“In the last two-plus years that Northern participated in the Greener Tomorrow program we saw a drastic reduction in plastic bag waste," says Cartwright Northern store manager Jennifer McCrone.