Spring Youth on the Land another Success thanks to Greener Tomorrow

(Photo: Rebecca Hainnu, Principal of Quluaq School and Alan Cook, Northern Store Manager, Clyde River, NU with staff and students.)

Youth in Clyde River, NU will once again spend the day living off the land and connecting to their roots.

Northern Store in Clyde River has raised $9,817.89 for Quluaq School as part of the Greener Tomorrow program. The funds will support the Spring Youth on the Land program, which Quluaq School students participate in each year.  Students get the golden opportunity to picnic out on land for day trips with experienced guides who teach traditional methods of hunting and fishing. Food, equipment, supplies and guides for the program will be supported by the Greener Tomorrow grant. This program will rejuvenate the indigenous lifestyle for the youths of the community, and teach them the significance their actions will have on the future generations.

“The Greener Tomorrow program helps the students understand the importance of respecting our community,” said Alan Cook, Clyde River Northern Store manager.

Since 2011, the Greener Tomorrow program has been implemented in 40 communities across Canada. This program is primarily focused on reducing the use of plastic shopping bags by having customers to pay a single bag fee. The fees are accumulated over the year, with 100 percent of the funds returning back to the community to support environmental and social programs.