Making a difference at Siloam Mission

(Pictured: North West employees sort donations in support of the Clothing Room program at Siloam Mission in Winnipeg)

A Winnipeg organization that serves the homeless community got a few helping hands from North West employees earlier this month.

A dozen North West employees spent an evening volunteering at Siloam Mission, sorting clothing donations. The hours spent provided valuable support to Siloam Mission’s Clothing Room program. The clothing room is a free store that offers the homeless community an opportunity to choose clothing and hygiene items.

“We thank you so much for your community involvement,” said Siloam Mission CEO Jim Bell.  “You are a true example of what allows us to operate here at Siloam Mission on a daily basis, and really allow us to dream a little bit with respect to things that we can do for those who are experiencing hardship that leads to homelessness.”