Northern Store helps Coral Harbour athletes pursue their dreams

From left: Athletes Owen Angootealuk and Chase Harron, with Coal Harbour Northern Store manager Dan Leaman

Two young athletes from Coral Harbour, NU have been chosen to be a part of Team Nunavut for the 2019 Canada Winter Games – and the local Northern Store is playing a role in getting them there.

Owen Angootealuk and Chase Harron were thrilled by the support of The Northern Store, which is helping them achieve their fundraising goals.  As part of the responsibility of competing, athletes are asked to raise funds to cover some of their costs for attending the Games, which will be held in Red Deer, AB in February. Coral Harbour’s Northern Store was pleased to donate an Xbox 1 video game system that the athletes could use as a fundraiser prize.

Sending these young athletes to the Canada Games is a great achievement for Coral Harbour.

“By following their dream of becoming athletes they are an inspiration to others here,” said Northern Store manager Dan Leaman. “They have shown to all their peers that anything is possible, even here in the North."