Giving back to the community starts young in Akulivik

Pictured: A few of the young community members who have been supporting the Healthy Horizons Foundation

Pictured: Harry, one of the campaign’s biggest supporters, takes a photo with Santa

The kind and generous actions of some young community members led to a “wow moment” for the manager of the Northern store in Akulivik, QU. 

The store is routinely visited by the same group of 7 to 10 year olds, who like to shop around and say hello during their school lunch break.

Store manager Amanda Manion said the group recently noticed the HHF icons on the wall – paper stars placed there with each donation to the recent campaign launch. Upon learning the purpose of the campaign and how the raised funds are used, each child in the group contributed some money to purchase stars.

“I could not be more proud of these young kids and how excited they are to help their community,” said Manion.

So far, the biggest contributor to date has been Harry, a young one from the group who has been using up all of his own coins to buy more stars. Harry has already bought 11 stars, and has also been encouraging other kids to use part of their candy money to buy stars too.

“We have been hearing Harry talk about the Healthy Horizons fundraising to other customers – not just other kids,” explained Manion. “He’s a fantastic influence on the other kids!”