Did you know about Aklavik?

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Pictured: Relief Manager Ari Varey (3rd from Right) with his staff members at Northern, Aklavik. 

The North West Company is proud of the active role we play within communities.  We strive to help make a positive, progressive difference within each community we serve - and our role in the hamlet of Aklavik is no exception.

Aklavik, is a hamlet located in the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. With a population of 590, Aklavik’s official languages are Inuvialuktun and Gwich’in.

Did you know?

North West is proud of the impact we have on the community in Aklavik.

1. Employment:  We are one of the largest employers in the community, with Our Northern store employing 10 individuals, with 80% being Indigenous employees.

2. Capital Investment: Northern has made a $661,320 Capital Investment in the Aklavik store over a ten year period.* Northern is making a positive economic impact in Aklavik. 

3. Annual Economic Impact:  Northern is making a positive economic impact in Aklavik, with a $694,607 annual economic impact in the community.* We employ community members and support local business by purchasing services close to home. 

Our Northern store Relief Manager Ari Varey and his team are large community supporters, actively contributing to the local population of Aklavik.

“The Northern store in Aklavik has a long history of community involvement. This past Christmas we donated the food, and volunteered to serve the food, for the Elder’s and Preschool Christmas dinner. This month we helped the fund raising for the Aklavik Boys’ Basketball Team’s trip to Yellowknife this year,” said Ari.


*for year ending 2017