St. Theresa Point residents get their Timmies fix

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Pictured: Local waste management employees Joey (left) and Clinton (right), at Tim Hortons in St. Theresa Point.

Time for a double-double and a maple dip!

Tim Hortons stores and kiosks are available at many Northern and NorthMart stores in northern communities, courtesy of the North West Company.

Tim Hortons was originally concentrated in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. In recent years, however, the chain has greatly expanded its presence into Quebec and western Canada. In 2010, Tim Hortons opened its northernmost locations in the world: three kiosks at NorthMart stores in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Joey and Clinton, local waste management employees,are regular customers at Tim Hortons in St. Theresa Point, MB. 

“We enjoy the whole service and everything’s ready all the time,” added Joey.