Did you know about Cross Lake?

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Pictured: NorthMart, Cross Lake store manager Richard Thomas

The North West Company is proud of the active role we play within communities.  We strive to help make a positive, progressive difference within each community we serve – and our role in the hamlet of Cross Lake, MB is no exception.

Cross Lake First Nation is a band of Cree First Nations people in Canada. Its members occupy several reserves within the town of Cross Lake situated on the east shore of Cross Lake in the province of Manitoba. With its indigenous language being Woods Cree, Cross Lake has a total population of 8,034, with 5,642 members living on-reserve (as per 2014 census).

Did you know?

North West is proud of the impact we have on the community.

1. Employment: We are one of the largest employers in the community, with Our NorthMart store in Cross lake employing 77 individuals, with 94% being Indigenous employees.* We employ community members and support local business by purchasing services close to home. 

2. Capital Investment: NorthMart has made a $4,783,744 capital investment in the Cross Lake store over a 10-year period.*

3. Annual Economic Impact: NorthMart is making a positive economic impact in Cross Lake, with $2,673,890 annual economic impact in the community.

The NorthMart store manager Richard Thomas and his team are large community supporters, actively contributing to the local population of Cross Lake through various programs and other fundraising campaigns such as the Star Icon Campaign.

“We did a pretty good campaign this year with Healthy Horizons. This past fall, we exceeded our target with the Star Icon sales – our cashiers and front line employees did a really great job. I’m really proud of them,” said Thomas.

*for year ending 2017