Health Happy launches in all 132 Northern and NorthMart stores throughout Canada

Shoppers are choosing healthier meals and snacks more than ever. We’re making it easier for them with hundreds of Health Happy choices available in your local store. 

Health Happy aims to expand the variety of healthy food available to customers, and makes it easier to find them in store. Anywhere from 300 to 800 new items, depending on the store size, have been added to all Northern and NorthMart store shelves.  Each item was carefully evaluated to ensure that it met one to four specific attributes that contribute to healthier eating, including lower sugar, salt, fat, and caffeine content. Each new addition is marked with the signature Health Happy smile making it quick for shoppers to identify the healthy alternatives.

The North West teams worked hard to source hundreds of new items to appeal to the wide variety of customers’ paletes and dietary preferences. “It’s important to our customers to provide wholesome foods to their families,” says Craig Gilpin, Executive Vice President, The North West Company. “Our commitment is to expand the range of healthy food choices in our stores.” For example the new reduced salt, Green Giant Corn Niblets with 54% less sodium than the regular niblets, can be an alternative for the sodium conscious shopper.

Another great addition is Dole® Resealable Fruit Pouches with No Sugar Added. This is a great option for parents and helps to reduce sugar from the diets of some of our youngest customers.

To support our customers in their journey to a healthier lifestyle, Northern/NorthMart weekly store flyers and handbills will highlight Health Happy items that are on promotion for the week and will contain recipes that use one or more of the feature items to help customers enjoy the new choices.