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Christmas hampers help 250 families in Red Sucker Lake

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Pictured above is Chief Samuel Knott, Grocery Manager Nathan Harper and Store Manager Stephen Braun, who participated in the Christmas Hamper donation in Red Sucker Lake, MB.

Managers of the Northern store in Red Sucker Lake, MB, with help from the community’s Chief, delivered about 250 Christmas hampers to families – all in one day.

Store manager Stephen Braun, Grocery Manager Nathan Harper and Chief Samuel Knott visited the local TV station and Chief Knott announced on air that the trio would be delivering the hampers that day. 

“It was a great experience to see community members outside of the store and be welcomed into their homes, shaking hands and being able to give back to them during the Christmas season,” Harper says. "As retailers we can get too caught up in the selling aspect of the season, and not make enough time for what actually makes this part of the year special.”

The North West Company is thankful for Chief Knott, Harper and Braun for personally delivering these hampers to each individual.