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Healthy Horizons Holiday Icon Campaign

             Icons in Portage La Loche.jpg (921 KB)                                                                Star Icons on display in Portage La Loche

The North West Company’s Healthy Horizons Foundation has received a boost again this holiday season thanks to the Star Icon campaign that ran in Northern and NorthMart stores throughout the holiday season.

The campaign sells paper stars to customers who wish to make a donation to Healthy Horizons and then the stars are displayed throughout the store.

The funds raised through the campaign go back into the communities to support healthy living initiatives for youth. In the past funds have supported initiatives such as literacy programs, youth centers, summer camps and swimming programs.

Thanks to the dedication of our associates and the generosity of our customers, this Icon campaign raised an amazing $126,379.00. 

“We had a blast supporting this cause and challenged each cashier to see what they could do during each shift to sell Icons. Each cashier was given a chocolate bar to display and if they didn’t ask customers about the Icon campaign, they had to give them the chocolate bar. We had a ton of fun!” says Happy Valley Store Manager Alan Lawrie. Lawrie’s store managed to raise an astounding $8470.00.

Healthy Horizons Foundation thanks all those who contributed to the success of the Star Icon Campaign this holiday season.