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A special BBQ event at Fond du Lac

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Northern store staff singlehandedly organized and ran the BBQ event. 

The Northern Store in Fond du Lac, SK, held a community-wide barbecue event to recognize, honor and celebrate National Peoples Indigenous Day, as well as Father’s Day.

The event held on June 21 was entirely sponsored by our Northern Store and organized by staff, and was free for local residents, who enjoyed hot dogs and burgers with all the fixings, cooked and served by store staff.

“The entire community was invited as every community member is a special guest,” said Fond du Lac Northern Store Manager, Kavirasa Kanagaiah.

The event was planned to adhere to required social distancing measures. Line-ups were monitored to ensure a safe distance between people, and tables at the event were also spaced accordingly.

“It is important to recognize the people who first called this land their home and the hardships they endured. We wanted to honor their contributions. I take pride in working in the First Nations communities and learning their culture and language,” Kanagaiah shared. “We also wanted to thank all the amazing fathers out there, for all the time, support, and love that they have given us.”