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AquaHacking Challenge inspires youth

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The AquaHacking 2020 Challenge launch event attracted several environmentally-conscious community members.

Young innovators from three regions in Canada are teaming up to develop start-ups that tackle urgent freshwater issues.

The AquaHacking Challenge tech competition for youth, such as university students, focuses on water issues in several Canadian communities. These innovators will team up with water experts to work on technology that will help bring about widespread change.

The challenge has been held every year since 2015 in particular watersheds, and this year it takes place in three locations across Canada, including Lake Winnipeg.

The collective efforts of all the teams will help find much-needed solutions for issues such as  better water and land management, greater drinking water accessibility in Northern communities, and financing a healthier Lake Winnipeg.

The initiative also aims to find cost-effective and efficient ways of assessing fish health and the disposal of micro-plastic wastes in our waters.

The North West Company Inc. is a proud local partner of the program. The company has always looked to enhance and support community initiatives for the betterment of its residents. North West has also been integral to the competition’s success, providing the expertise and resources to support participants and designed one of the water challenges for the hackers to solve.

“We are thrilled with the success of the competition so far! Speaking personally, I have been inspired to experience firsthand so many students and young Canadian professionals interested in solving environmental issues related to fresh water and using their technological skills and innovative spirit to do so,” shared IISD Project Coordinator, Catherine van Reenen. “We also want to support the growth of Manitoba’s tech and business communities and to foster collaboration between academia, eNGOs, the government, and the private sector on environmental issues.”

The competition for AcquaHacking Lake Winnipeg, started in January and on June 11, the five teams that made it to the final were announced and will be presenting the results of their projects in the final to be held on October 18. A prize of $50,000 will be distributed amongst the top five winning teams, based on their rankings, and they will also receive incubator spaces to kick-start their business.

More information about the Winnipeg competition can be found at AquaHacking’s website.