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A gift of food for those in need

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Cumberland House Northern Store Manager Gerald Favel (left) gave the the food vouchers to the community Chief Rene Chaboyer to distribute to families.

The Northern store in Cumberland House, SK, has been helping the community by providing a very useful gift: food vouchers for the community. 

Last month, the Northern Store gave out 200 food vouchers to provide greater access to food. The donation is part of The North West Company Inc.’s partnership with The Sprott Foundation and Second Harvest, to extend food support for Canadians struggling as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic toll.

A total of $30,000 in vouchers, redeemable at any Northern store to purchase groceries and other foods. 

The store is partnering with the Cree Nation and the village officials to carry out the distribution to residents, as these members work directly with and understand the differing needs of the families in the community.  The community was in disbelief to have received the help, especially the Elders who were amazed at what the company did for the community as well as the leadership and initiative it took during these difficult times.

“This awesome gesture from the company touched the hearts of everyone at Cumberland House, with a lot of customers coming in and letting us know how grateful they are. I am so grateful to be able to help out the community in these tough times due to COVID-19. The leadership has especially told us how well we’re helping out with the community,” shared Cumberland House Northern Store Manager Gerald Favel.