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Beautifying Buffalo Narrows

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Twin Lakes Community School Principal Ronelda McCallum (left) and School Coordinator Zena Fraser (middle) receiving the Greener Tomorrow cheque from Buffalo Narrows Northern Store Manager, Calvin Daigneault. 

Thanks to a Greener Tomorrow grant, students from the community of Buffalo Narrows, SK, will help beautify their town by planting flowers throughout the community. 

The Northern store presented the Twin Lakes community school with a donation of $4,127 to help plant more flowers and plants, through their Flowering Project initiative. The staff at the school, which will be heading the initiative, were all extremely excited to receive the donation. 

The flower planting will be made possible through the joint efforts of student and teacher volunteers, who will be assigned to different parts of the town to ensure a quick, efficient and streamlined process. Due to COVID-19, the school will be carrying out the event next spring, along with an exciting planting party. 

“We are all in this together and Greener Tomorrow reminds us how important it is to do our part,” said Buffalo Narrows Northern Store Manager Calvin Daigneault. 

The residents of the community are now well-acquainted with the Greener Tomorrow initiative and look forward to participating in – as well as contributing to – the program, every year. Daigneault said he is extremely proud of the residents’ willingness and effort to make the community a better place to live. 

The Greener Tomorrow Program reduces the plastic waste in communities while supporting local initiatives. Customers are charged a fee for plastic bags, then all funds collected throughout the year are reinvested back into the community.