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Did you know about Weagamow Lake?

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Pictured above: The Northern store in Weagamow Lake, ON

Our Community Promise

The North West Company Inc. is proud of the active role we play within the communities we serve, striving to make a positive, progressive difference. Our contributions within the community of Weagamow Lake First Nation, ON, are a testament to our commitment.

Located 320 km north of Sioux Lookout, Weagamow Lake (also known as North Caribou Lake First Nation) is a vital link connecting other communities of Ontario’s rural North to one another, and to other parts of the province’s supply chain to the South. It is accessible by daily flights at Round Lake Airport and Weagamow Air Base. Connecting airports include Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, and Cat Lake, among others. But more notably, Weagamow Lake is also accessible through winter roads and a year-round road that each carry with them rich histories recounting the foresight and efforts led by the First Nation.

The persistent and collective advocacy of North Caribou Lake First Nation and Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) led to the opening of a year-round road that has been in operation since the early 2000s. The community's current population is 866 residents (according to Statistics Canada's 2016 Census) who predominantly speak Oji-Cree and Engish. As an interesting fact, Weagamow Lake's name is taken from the Oji-Cree word Wiyaagamaa, meaning "Round Lake". 

Did you know?

North West is proud of the positive impact we have on the community.

1. Employment: We are one of the most prominent employers in Weagamow Lake, with our Northern store employing 10 individuals. Our commitment to local talent is demonstrated through our workforce consisting of 80% Indigenous employees.*

2. Capital Investment: Northern has made a $ 949,064 capital investment in the Weagamow Lake store over a 10-year period.*

3. Annual Economic Impact: Northern is making a positive impact in Weagamow Lake, with $521,285 annual economic impact in the community.*

Weagamow Lake Northern Store Manager, Violeta Michalska, and her team are significant community supporters.

“The community here is my second family,” Michalska says. “We’ve shared laughs and tears, joys and sorrows alike over the many years I’ve spent here. I will do anything I can to support Weagamow Lake, and I’m thankful for any opportunities to do so.”

*For the year ending 2020