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North West celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day

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Picture above: Banner curated for National Indigenous Peoples Day  

The North West Company (North West) recognizes and honours Indigenous culture, practices, and beliefs in alignment with National Indigenous History Month and National Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Government of Canada designated the month of June as National Indigenous History Month in 1996, to celebrate the rich heritage and diversity of the Indigenous people. The culture, resilience, and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples are honoured across Canada with respect to their distinct cultural identities.

In cooperation with several Indigenous organizations, the Government of Canada assigned June 21 – the summer solstice – to be celebrated as National Indigenous Peoples Day. The summer solstice is a day of significance and communities have celebrated on or near this day for several generations to commemorate their learnings and traditions.

North West is an avid supporter of protecting and preserving the Indigenous communities we serve for future generations. On this special day, North West takes the chance to reflect on and demonstrate its gratitude to Indigenous communities across Canada for contributing their knowledge, culture, and values over the course of history.

This year North West is happy to join the celebration on National Indigenous Peoples Day by supporting APTN’s Indigenous Day Live in-person event in Winnipeg, MB on June 18. You can also join the celebration virtually, please visit the APTN Indigenous Day Live website to learn more. Northern and NorthMart are also proud to support and be part of the celebrations organized in the communities we serve. 

National Indigenous Peoples Day is an invitation to all Canadians to come together to recognize and celebrate the heritage, language, spiritual beliefs, and remarkable achievements of the Indigenous people of Canada. Numerous events and activities are organized throughout the country to celebrate the day. The Government of Canada has published a list of events, available here.