Kuujjuaq sees a Greener Tomorrow

(Photo: Kids from the community participated in the community clean up in Kuujjuaq, QC.)

Thanks to a Greener Tomorrow grant, the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq was able perform a community cleanup with help from children in the community.

The $3,090.84 grant was used to fund the clean-up event, which included incentives and prizes for all the kids involved. 

Since the event, Kuujjuaq Northern store manager Kate Carter has received messages of appreciation from far and wide.

“There have been many comments on the community’s Facebook page regarding how much cleaner the community looks, and how great a job the kids did,” said Carter. “I believe it boosts kids’ outlook on their value in the community.”

Greener Tomorrow is a program run by Northern/NorthMart that aims to eliminate the use of plastic bags. To encourage the use of environmentally friendly alternatives, customers are charged a fee each time a non-reusable plastic bag is used. Unique to the industry, the program fees are accumulated over the year, with 100 percent of the funds returning to the community to support environmental and social programs.