Pharmacy services continue despite fire

Pictured: Iqaluit’s NorthMart pharmacy, before and after the pharmacy was restored

When the Northmart in Iqualuit, NU was damaged by a fire in November, the store’s Pharmacy team had to act fast – since nearly 19,000 people in the surrounding area rely on the pharmacy.

The pharmacy provides medication and health services not only to the residents of Iqaluit, but also to 11 other communities on Baffin Island. The Pharmacy team worked closely with the hospital and public health to ensure that patient care, including tuberculosis treatments and elder care, continued for the community

During the recovery, pharmacy manager Melissa Thomas ensured that the public and health care providers across Baffin Island were informed on how to access care. Thomas and the Pharmacy Operations team worked hard at communicating to the community daily through telephone and social media.

“I was really relieved that the pharmacy and its amazing team were able to reopen so soon after what happened,” said community member Myriam Sevigny. “As someone who takes multiple medications, it made my life easier that they were still available to transfer my scripts when I needed them refilled. Amazing service as always! I love the pharmacy.”