Making the holidays brighter for some Moosonee residents

Pictured: Moosonee Northern store manager Norm Huffman, former Great North Hardware manager Richard Mills, and produce manager Donna Huffman

A kind-hearted gesture from the local Northern store manager brightened the spirits of eight Moosonee, ON residents.

When a local business closed down in December, the eight community members all lost their jobs just before the holidays. After Northern store manager Norm Huffman heard about the situation, he gifted every employee who was laid off with a turkey for their Christmas dinners.

“We just tried to do a little something to help those folks during this time. Hopefully it made a small difference,” said Huffman.

The gesture certainly did, and a community member of Moosonee took to Facebook to express their gratitude.

“His generosity has meant a lot to each of us. It was such a nice gesture and felt that I needed to tell you this and how appreciative we all are,” the message read.