Community fills food bank donation box to the brim in Wabasca

Pictured: Treena Gladue, Program Coordinator, Neepinese Healing Centre and Rob McKinley, Wabasca Northern Store Manager

Extra holiday donations from the community in Wabasca, AB have made a big difference to the local food bank. The Northern store in Wabasca, which supports the food bank year-round with discounts on non-perishable produce purchases, helped collect the huge donation.

Store manager Rob McKinley put a donation box out at the till over the holidays “as a way to help [the food bank] out in the new year when they need it the most”.

Treena Gladue, program coordinator of the local women’s emergency shelter, also looks after the Wabasca food bank. Gladue took to Facebook to express her gratitude in a response to the Northern store’s announcement that the goal of filling the donation box to the brim had been reached.

“Thank you Rob McKinley and The Northern Store for your generous donation and to all the people that donated to the Food Bank. It is so greatly appreciated,” Gladue wrote.