Destination Marathon 2019 FAQs

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Are you considering joining the Healthy Horizons Foundation Destination Half Marathon in 2019? If so, check out the answers to these FAQs (frequently asked questions). 

1) When does the half-marathon run happen?

  • Nov 30, 2019 beginning at 5am.

2) How much do we have to fundraise?

  • Each participant is responsible for raising $5,000. All funds raised go directly to the Foundation to support youth initiatives.

3) What if I don’t achieve the Fundraising total of $5,000 by September 30, 2019?

  • Participants that have not reached their goal of $5,000 will be required to top up their accounts by October 1, 2019, assuming they still wish to participate. These funds will be reimbursed once additional funds are received. Participants will be given until January 31, 2020 to raise the additional funds. 

4) How are my flights arranged?

  • All flights and accommodations will be arranged by The North West Company. This will ensure the team departs and arrives on time for the event.

5) When will I depart and arrive?

  • The flight itinerary depends on available flights. Individual itineraries will look different depending on where you are coming from. Some participants will leave on Nov 27 due to connections and arrive in BVI by Nov. 28. You can expect to depart BVI on Dec. 2 and likely arrive home on Dec 3 or 4, depending on your location of origin. Hotel lodging will be provided and arranged if overnight stays are required at connecting gateways for some participants (Montreal/Toronto for example).

6) What hotel am I staying at?

  • This year’s HHF team will be staying at the Maria’s By the Sea Hotel. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, bottled water in rooms and Business Centre access. The location is within steps of every downtown attraction, and just minutes away from most local attractions.

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7) What meals are covered?

  • The hotel is not an all-inclusive, but we do provide participants with a pre-race and post-race meal, plus a welcome event. These meals will take place on Saturday and Sunday evening. All other meals are on your own.

8) What is the climate like in BVI?

  • The British Virgin Islands is a warm weather destination year-round but the race takes place in one of the cooler times of the year for you to come and run with us. Expect the start line temperature to be in the high 20s (Celsius), meandering into the lower 20s (Celsius) by the end of the race.