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Growing fresh produce year-round with Growcer Greenhouse

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Pictured: Despite northern temperatures, greens continue to flourish inside a Growcer greenhouse in Churchill

Think it’s impossible to grow lettuce at -52 degrees Celsius? Think again.

The North West Company continues to support Growcer, a producer of hydroponic greenhouses that can grow fresh produce in nearly any climate. North West operates Growcer greenhouses in Churchill, MB and Kuujjuaq, QU, and is in the process of starting operations in Kugluktuk, NU, Norway House, MB, and other communities.

Growcer greenhouses allow for growing produce such as lettuce without soil, in temperatures as cold as -52 degrees Celsius. They are designed to grow and supply fresh, nutritious, green produce all year round, regardless of rail or air transport. As product is grown locally, the local store in Churchill benefits by receiving delivery once a week.

Churchill Northern store manager Ian MacDonell is very pleased with the greenhouse initiative.

“Regardless of the harsh conditions we face in the north we can get products through our back door,” said Ian.

The products the Growcers produce are not mainstay items, but unique to the market such as specialty leaf lettuces and herbs. It takes just 6 weeks for most of the greens to go from seed to harvest.