Check out our 11,000 Sq. Ft. Real Life Retail Simulator!

Our enterprising spirit combined with a passion for better serving our communities has resulted in an exciting new venture with the grand opening of the new NWC Training Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba on Thursday, April 4th. Over the 2019 year, this central location will provide 175 managers and community members with a solid foundation of cultural, leadership and communications skills tailored to serve our customers.  

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The 11,000 square feet center features a 20-seat classroom, Store and Department Manager offices, breakout rooms, and a mock store – complete with grocery and general merchandise, operating cash lanes, receiving area, Post Office, ATMs and Lotto services – to simulate a real store experience and help deliver a blended training environment.

Through their four weeks of courses, the managers-in-training will undergo a Cultural Awareness and Understanding program and work through Leadership courses including Communication, Working Through Others, Difficult Discussions, and Developing Others, as well as two weeks of operational training modules in Grocery, Administration and GM. 

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In addition to the cultural awareness course led by Harley Eagle that for a first time retail operation, our brand ambassadors will also earn health and safety certifications and will have access to NWC’s logistics service centre, corporate office, and other key locations in Winnipeg, along with the experts working there. 

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