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Delivering Value in Akulivik

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Our Community Promise:

Here at The North West Company, we are proud to play an active role within many communities throughout the north. We strive to help make a positive and progressive difference within each community we serve.

Akulivik is an Inuit village in northern Quebec, 1,718 km north of Ottawa. It is located on a peninsula that juts out from the eastern shore of Hudson Bay. Akulivik has 633 residents who predominately speak Inuktitut.

The Role of Nutrition North in Akulivik:

North West is a strong advocate for programs that help to improve the accessibility and affordability of healthy food options for our customers. Nutrition North Canada (NNC) is an effective tool for improving the affordability and accessibility of healthy food choices in Akulivik. A great example of Nutrition North’s effect on prices in Akulivik can be seen in the price of a 4L jug of milk. The price before Akulivik’s NNC subsidy was $33.79, and is now just $8.69.

Northern’s Dedication to Akulivik:

Another great example of The North West Company’s role in Akulivik is our Northern store manager Robert Wells and her team’s generosity in the community. Northern has helped young community members achieve their goals to support the Healthy Horizons Foundation and improve the health and well-being of all youth in communities across Canada.

“I could not be more proud of these young kids and how excited they are to help their community,” said Manion.

Northern’s support for these children is just one more example of the many ways that Northern is invested in the community of Akulivik.