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Nunavut Tracks Walking Challenge

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Pictured: Mike Turner, General Merchandise Manager and Janalee Slaney, Nuiyak School Principal with the winner of a brand new bike.

Students across Nunavut moved closer to healthy, active living in April, thanks to the NU Tracks Walking Challenge.

The Recreation and Parks Association of Nunavut (RPAN) along with the support from Northern stores throughout Nunavut challenged schools from all across the territory to walk the distance from Iqaluit to the North Pole throughout the month of April. Participants were given a pedometer and a t-shirt, and were instructed to keep track of their progress. At the end of April, each school collected their student’s tracking sheets and compared their school’s total distance walked to the 2,930 km goal.

RPAN designed this challenge to try and motivate community members across Nunavut to support increased physical activity and a healthier lifestyle. Northern stores are supporting this initiative by donating bikes to the top student from each region who walked the furthest distance.

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Pictured: The student from Sanikiluaq who walked the furthest of any student in his region with his prize of a brand new bike.

The North West Company would like to congratulate Sanikiluaq’s Nuiyak School, who placed first in the NU Tracks Walking Challenge, walking further than any other school in Nunavut. The students of Nuiyak School walked 6,501.6 km in just two weeks – nearly the equivalent distance of a coast to coast trip across Canada.

As a prize for their incredible accomplishment, the Nuiyak School received a first place banner as well as $1,500 to purchase sports and physical activity equipment. Northern stores from Iqaluit, Clyde River, Pond Inlet, Igloolik, Arctic Bay and Hall Beach each donated bikes to the dedicated students who led their region in kilometers walked.

“Every little thing helps” said Janalee Slaney, Principle of Nuiyak School. 

Said Chahine, Sanikiluaq Northern Store Manager, stated “Janalee appreciated our donation and involvement with supporting the school programs, like with the bikes donated and the Drop the Pop program.”

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Pictured: Baker Lake Store Manager with the winner of a brand new bike from Northern.