Making healthy food choices more affordable

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Pictured: Burton Taylor holding a jug of milk that has dropped in price, thanks to Nutrition North.


St. Theresa Point, MB continues to see lower prices on many healthy food options throughout the Northern store, thanks to The North West Company and Nutrition North Canada (NNC).

North West is a strong advocate for programs that improve the accessibility and affordability of healthy food options for our customers. NNC has been an effective tool for improving the affordability and accessibility of healthy food choices throughout the communities participating in the program.

Nutrition North is a Government of Canada subsidy program that provides northerners in isolated communities improved access to healthy perishable food options. The program provides subsidies on products such as milk, flour, infant formula, and more.

The North West Company uses the entire amount of the subsidy to reduce retail prices for shoppers. Since 2011 we have reduced our prices by a total of 4.72%, translating to shoppers purchasing nearly 25% more of certain nutritious products. Nutrition North's impact is illustrated by the price of a 4L jug of milk in St. Theresa Point, which thanks to the NNC subsidy, only costs $7.49 as compared to $17.79 without the subsidy".

"It's great to see milk prices come down for the kids," says St. Theresa Point shopper Burton Taylor.

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While NNC has been successful, there is room for improvement to the program. We have recommended that subsidy levels continue to adjust to reflect inflation. We are always looking for ways to drive down costs and pass along the savings to our customers.