Additional Nutrition North subsidies announced

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                    Changes are coming to the Nutrition North Subsidy program

 Improvements to the Nutrition North Subsidy program were revealed in a recent announcement.

The Government of Canada announced the changes to the Nutrition North Canada (NNC) food subsidy program, including an additional $1 per kilogram subsidy added to certain products that are transported by sealift, barge, or winter road. Some of the products that will be eligible for the new subsidy include diapers, flour and dried pasta. While these products are already subsidized by air, the new subsidy will encourage retailers to ship with less expensive modes of transportation resulting in cost savings for the program. 

The announcement also released that feminine hygiene products will be subsidized year-round. 

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North West continues to advocate for improvements to the NNC program. We have recommended that subsidy levels continue to adjust to reflect inflation, and we are continuously looking for ways to drive down costs and pass along the savings to our customers.