Did you know about Fort Albany?


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The North West Company is proud of the active role we play within communities. We strive to help make a positive, progressive difference within each community we serve – and our role in the community of Fort Albany, ON is no exception.

Fort Albany First Nation is located in the northeast corner of Ontario, 977 km north of Toronto. Albany is a Cree First Nation with a population of approximately 2,031 residents (as per the 2011 census).

Did you know?

North West is proud of the impact we have on the community Fort Albany.

1.       Community Support: Throughout 2018, Northern donated over $16,000 to support the                      community and local initiatives.

2.       Capital Investment: Northern has made a $2,288,600 capital investment in the Fort Albany              store over a 10-year period.

3.       Annual Economic Impact: Northern is making a positive economic impact in Fort Albany, with            $797,500 annual economic impact in the community. We employ community members and                support local business by purchasing services close to home.*

The Northern store manager Robert Harasemiw and his team are large community supporters, actively contributing to the local population of Albany through various programs and other fundraising campaigns such as the Greener Tomorrow program, and other community support donations. Most recently, Northern provided financial support to help purchase food and other items for a feast during the Peetabeck Sundance in late June.

*for 2018