Timbits Hockey Program in Rossville

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A partnership between Northern Rossville and Tim Hortons helped kids to enjoy hockey in their own community.

Hockey is a big part of the Canadian sport culture, and it is no different in Rossville, MB, where some of the youngest residents now get to hit the ice.

Taking advantage of their community-oriented Timbits Hockey Program, Tim Hortons’ local manager Mindy McKay worked with Northern store’s Food Service Specialist Jennifer Ferley to bring the program to Rossville.

The program promotes healthy lifestyles and provides kids aged four to six a cheerful place to learn about hockey, make new friends or simply be young and energetic. With new jerseys, participation medals and support materials sponsored by Tim Hortons, the young hockey players were able to stay active and enjoy a minor hockey league this winter.

“When we presented the jerseys, the kids were just so excited. Lots of laughs and cheers, and parents were taking lots of pictures,” said Rossville Northern Manager Jason Winter. “It is important that we support these types of initiatives, especially within the younger generations, as we have been challenged by social problems. With this great opportunity, these kids get exposure to positive values at an early age, which carries on later in life.”

Northern Rossville is very engaged in community initiatives. All the staff members care for the residents’ wellbeing sincerely, and they see ensuring the next generation – and future customers – succeed as one of their responsibilities, Winter added.