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A well-deserved delivery

                           Salluit - Elders Dinner.jpg (143 KB)

Pictured above is the delicious chicken dinner Salluit Northern's staff cooked and delivered to the community's Elders. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered our daily lifestyles and made it increasingly difficult for us to follow some of our routine habits. However, one brilliant example of a group adapting well is the Elders of the Salluit, QC community, who have been excellent at practicing social distancing.

To thank the Elders’ for their efforts and resilience, Salluit Northern Store Manager, Gerald Bergen and his staff cooked and delivered delicious dinners to their doors. Salluit does not have any restaurants that deliver food to customers’ houses, so this relatively novel idea fared well with the community.

“The idea came from a huddle, where we were talking about doing something for the Elders that would be different than anyone else would do,” said Bergen.

The meal included a chicken and fries dinner, with butter tarts, fruit cups, and a drink on the side. With the help of a few local volunteers, the Salluit staff successfully delivered an astonishing 70 meals in less than two hours! The meals were packaged in vivid blue Northern bags and hung from doors to reinforce the social distancing measures and efforts practiced by community members.

“The Elders in the community have been staying at home, and so we specifically focused on them. The response was very positive," Bergen added.