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Buffalo Narrows Northern helps family in need

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Pictured above is the protective equipment kit Northern store assembled for Bourassa’s family.

The Northern Store in Buffalo Narrows has been providing support and relief to customers and community members affected by COVID-19 – often going above and beyond the call.

On May 10, Northern customer Barbi Bourassa contacted her local store looking for personal protective equipment to help people in need due to the ongoing pandemic.

Bourassa’s family has had four members affected by COVID-19. So, when she reached out to Buffalo Narrows, SK Store Manager Calvin Daigneault, he was ready to help her without showing any signs of hesitation.

Daigneault quickly assembled a kit with essential protective equipment including a box of 100 small, medium, and large-sized disposable gloves each, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and 100 face masks. He packed the items in a Northern bag and donated them free of charge as a gesture of goodwill.

The store’s actions were of special significance to Bourassa’s family, and she shared Daigneault’s instant generous response with community members on her Facebook page.  “Now, that is community spirit! Thank you for taking an active role in supporting our community,” she wrote.

“I love to help people. All my career has been about people. I love to serve our customers.  And right now, it just seems like every little bit of help goes a long way,” Daigneault happily shared.

Daigneault’s actions prove that the community stands together, supporting and helping each other even amidst the hardships.