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Green-ifying Sanirajak

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Pictured above is Northern store manager Barry Tarrant presenting a Greener Tomorrow distribution gift of $3,797 for the community cleanup to Mayor Jaypeetee Audlakiak.

Thanks to a Greener Tomorrow grant, Sanirajak, NU – formerly known as Hall Beach – and its residents will be benefitting from a cleaner and greener community.

Northern Store Manager Barry Tarrant recently made a presentation to The Hamlet of Sanirajak with a donation of $3,797 to help fund a community-wide cleanup.

Local residents will come together to carry out the cleanup. The event will take place in late June, and will be followed by a delicious feast to thank the efforts of the community members.

“It is our responsibility to make sure that we take care of the Earth for our future generations,” said Tarrant. Sanirajak Mayor Jaypeetee Audlakiak was also very pleased with the funds and the community’s spirit.

The residents of the community are now well-acquainted with the Greener Tomorrow initiative and look forward to participating in as well as contributing to the program every year. Tarrant said he is extremely proud of the residents’ willingness and effort to make the community a better place to live.