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Monitoring a healthier Stanley Mission

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Geraldine Roberts with the new home blood pressure monitor donated by Stanley Mission Northern.

When Diabetic Support Worker Geraldine Roberts called her local Northern store in Stanley Mission, SK to ask about the price of some portable blood pressure monitors, the store shared more than just the information – they offered to donate the monitor for free.

Roberts has been an active health worker in the community for two years, and with the current threat of COVID-19, her services have not only been valuable but also a symbol of bravery. As most Elders in the community have found it difficult to leave their homes and visit the clinic for their regular check-ups, Roberts goes around the community checking blood pressure for clients and providing other services for greater ease and accessibility.

This new donation will allow her to offer in-home monitoring to her clients, through the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Program. 

“Thanks to you, I will be working closely with my clients. They don’t have to worry about coming to the clinic to get their Blood Pressure checked or monitored. I can always go to them if they need any assessments done, especially the Elders,” said Roberts. “Thank you again for your ongoing support of our clients and our community of Stanley Mission.”

Staff at Northern stores have been especially appreciative of the efforts of the communities’ frontline workers these past few months.

“I have been in the community for so many years that a lot of the people are like family,” said Patrick Young, Stanley Mission Northern Store Manager. ”With health finances a little tighter due to COVID-19, I thought the least we could do would donate a monitor for the community.”