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A joyful Thanksgiving in Stony Rapids

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Pictured above: Stony Rapids School students enjoy a Thanksgiving lunch (left). Teacher Christina Clark helped serve up the feast.

Students and staff in Stony Rapids, SK gathered together to enjoy a delicious meal and celebrate the blessings of the past year.

The Students and Staff Thanksgiving Lunch event at Stony Rapids School – which hosted 45 students and seven staff members – was not only limited to delicious turkey and classroom learning. School staff members even banded together to make the day as joyful and celebratory as possible, by preparing desserts and decorating the school’s building with artwork.

Although Stony Rapids Northern store staff members were not able to attend the event due to school cohort restrictions, they were more than happy to provide support by donating three turkeys.

Stony Rapids Northern Store Manager, Jennifer Benoit, was happy to contribute to making the Thanksgiving Lunch a success.

“Supporting the school and Elders in this community has always been important to us, we have become part of this community, and we’re planning on retiring here. I am happy to work for The North West Company as they have taught me the value of community support and staying involved. I know I can pick up my phone and reach out to any of them for assistance. The school has been there for us throughout the pandemic by volunteering their time,” said Benoit.