Healthy Horizons helps Cat Lake hit the ice

                               Cat Lake Ice Rink Skaters.jpg (569 KB)

Pictured above: Cat Lake’s community members enjoy a broomball game at the community’s rink.

Youth in Cat Lake, ON have been enjoying their hockey training on a smooth surface at the community’s ice rink, thanks to a Healthy Horizons Foundation (HHF) grant.

The HHF presented the $8,250 grant to the Great Commission Foundation (GCF) who worked in partnership with Matthew Klockenga, a missionary and altruistic community member, to purchase an ice resurfacer – called an “Ice Dragon” – that allowed the outdoor rink to be created with optimal conditions.

This has had a positive impact on kids from ages 5 to 18 who are part of youth hockey team Right to Play, team Tik and team Missionaries. They work hard in their training and can now prepare better for their competitions and tournaments.

“The Ice Dragon allows us to create a high-quality playing surface like you would have in an arena but on our outdoor rink. It’s a game changer when it comes to creating quality ice playing surface. The kids immediately let me know that it did a great job. I was glad to hear that from them,” shared Klockenga. Klockenga and his wife Ashley are part of two altruistic families partnered with the CGF who have been serving the community of Cat Lake since 2014, along with Ron and Jen Keres.

                   Cat Lake Ice Rink.jpg (131 KB)

Pictured above: The community’s skating rink in Cat Lake being layered up and prepared for the season

Although Covid-19 restrictions have had a significant impact on competitive play this year, the community’s ice rink was able to open during the winter and the ice resurfacer has enhanced the experience not just for hockey players but also for children and community members of all ages, who are now enjoying skating on the rink.

The Healthy Horizons Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of youth in communities through grants that take place twice a year. Its mission is to provide youth with the tools to foster a connection to physical activity and healthy living.