Did you know about York Landing?

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Pictured above: The Northern store in York Landing, MB

Our Community Promise

The North West Company Inc. is proud of the active role we play within the communities we serve, striving to make a positive, progressive difference. Our contributions within the community of York Landing First Nation, MB, are a testament to our commitment.

York Landing First Nation – also referred to as York Factory First Nation (YFFN) –  is located near the eastern bank of the Nelson River between Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay. The Indigenous name of YFFN is ‘Kischewaskahegan’ with Kische waskagan meaning “main house” in Cree. The community is known to be Ininéwak, which means to be a part of an ancient heritage that specialized in living through difficult environmental conditions.

York Landing is home to around 450 residents (as per the 2016 census, according to Stat Can) and a majority of them are First Nations. The people predominantly speak English and some members still speak Ininímowin, an n-dialect Cree language. York Landing is unique in transgenerational learning, where people predominantly share their culture and traditions with future generations orally rather than in writing. The Sundance and Sweat ceremony, along with other cultural demonstrations, portray the unique traditions of the community.

The community of York Landing is accessible by air through the York Landing airport which is located adjacent to the community. By road, York Landing can be reached through the MB-6 N highway. During the winter months, it is also accessible by a winter road. Winnipeg is the nearest major city, 938 km away.

Did you know?

North West is proud of the positive impact we have on the community,

1. Employment: We are one of the most prominent employers in York Landing, with our Northern store employing 8 individuals. Our commitment to local talent is demonstrated through our workforce consisting of 50% Indigenous employees.*

2. Capital Investment: Northern has made a $1,704,931capital investment in the York Landing store over a 10-year period.*

3. Annual Economic Impact: Northern is making a positive impact in York Landing, with a $307,957 annual economic impact in the community.*

York Landing Northern Store Manager, Aswin Anikuttan, and his team are significant community supporters.

“York landing has made me feel at home after I migrated to Canada. I have had the opportunity to serve the people of this beautiful community and since then, the love that I got from the people has been immeasurable. A very welcoming community, filled with traditional values and a lot of potential, is what York Landing is,” shared Anikuttan.

*For the year ending 2020